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Note: Because of the diversity of grade-levels between the students enrolled in this class, this course will be taught in a one-room-school-style format. Group instruction will be given to all students. Additionally, class instruction will be given to students in turn, as needed. This is a scholastic blessing as lower grade level students are exposed to the principles of higher grade levels. And higher grade level students gain a good review of principles taught in lower grade levels. Studies have shown that students in a one-room-school-style environment actually learn more than students exposed only to their own grade-level instruction.

Bible-Daniel’s Timelines Prophecy Course: (Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM.)In this course, students will be taught to understand and place the prophetic timelines of Daniel. This course will include a study of the Sabbatical and Jubilee cycle, the 2300 Days, the 1290 Days, the 1260 Days, the 70 Weeks (490 Days) and how these timelines fit together in End-time Events.

Students will discover (through in-depth Bible study) what prophetic events are foretold to start and end each timeline, and what events make each timeline important and characterize it. During the course of the school year, students will be making an in-depth timeline (on computer or poster) displaying each timeline, the Scriptures and how it all fits. Students will need a personal Bible and a notebook of lined paper for this course. There are no additional materials required.​

Materials cost for this course: No Charge (see explanation above).

BIBLE: Daniel's Timelines prophecy Course ​​(for Grades 6-12 + Adult)