With detailed Spiritual Warfare strategies and personalized questions and tips at the end of each chapter, Escaping From the Dragon's Jaws is a powerful self-help book!

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Escaping From the Dragon's Jaws 
This 400 page book is an all-true account of a science-fiction-like story, unmasking the advances of Christianized Witchcraft. In it, you will learn vital keys to safeguarding your family from Satan's deadly infiltration. 

Not only does this book contain details spiritual warfare strategies, but in it, Shauna Manfredine also reveals life-changing details on how to find true spiritual freedom, overcome depression, bi-polar disorder and even schizophrenia! 

Readers will be amazed, entertained and inspired by this gripping story. But most importantly, readers will find a road-map to spiritual freedom and mental health. 

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