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Note: Because of the diversity of grade-levels between the students enrolled in this class, this course will be taught in a one-room-school-style format. Group instruction will be given to all students. Additionally, class instruction will be given to students in turn, as needed. This is a scholastic blessing as lower grade level students are exposed to the principles of higher grade levels. And higher grade level students gain a good review of principles taught in lower grade levels. Studies have shown that students in a one-room-school-style environment actually learn more than students exposed only to their own grade-level instruction.

Language Arts Course: (Meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 AM to 10 AM) In this course, high school students will be taught High School English, while students in Grades 6-8 will be taught their grade-level appropriate Language Arts course. There are 6 student workbooks per student which are designed to be completed over the course of the school year. All workbooks in all classes are Christian and maintain a conservative and Biblical world-view.

The following descriptions tell what topics will be taught in the Language Arts Course during the year:

  • Literary forms, writing letters, parts of speech…
  • Pronouns and their proper uses, using modifiers, parallel sentence structures…​
  • Verb tenses, sentence creativity… formal and informal writing, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement…
  • Capitals, punctuation, author’s purpose, recognizing propaganda, types of sentences…
  • Greek and Latin roots of English words, finding the main idea, analyzing writing…
  • Biography as a writing form, flashback technique, deductive reasoning, base and root words…​
  • Story elements, author’s purpose, information sources, outline…
  • Poetry: Metrical feet and sets, musical effects, imagery, connotation…​
  • Compositions: sentence types, quality of paragraphs, literature…​
  • Research: using sources, stating the thesis, outline, writing the paper…​

    Materials cost for this course: $62.00 (this one-time fee is due upon registration). This materials fee covers all the workbooks, handouts, and tests & quizzes for the course of the year.


(for Grades 6-12)

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