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(for Grades 6-12)

Shauna Manfredine's Online Academy

Note: Because of the diversity of grade-levels between the students enrolled in this class, this course will be taught in a one-room-school-style format. Group instruction will be given to all students. Additionally, class instruction will be given to students in turn, as needed. This is a scholastic blessing as lower grade level students are exposed to the principles of higher grade levels. And higher grade level students gain a good review of principles taught in lower grade levels. Studies have shown that students in a one-room-school-style environment actually learn more than students exposed only to their own grade-level instruction.

Life Skills Course: (Meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 PM.)In this course, students will be learning a variety of “life-skills” which are needed for their future adulthood. This course will be suitable for grades 6-12 and will truly be varied, covering a wide range of skills, specifically the following: 

  • Body Essentials: General health introduction, the head and crown of Creation, Body systems, growth and development
  • Physical Health: Nutrition and exercise, developing good eating habits, physical fitness, Biblical perspectives of health…
  • Preventative Healthcare and First Aid: Safety habits, fire safety, first aid…
  • We will also do a segment on cooking and baking, and menu planning, implementing the principles of nutrition.

Materials cost for this course: $38.00 (this one-time fee is due upon registration). This materials fee covers all the workbooks, handouts, and tests & quizzes for the course of the year.