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Shauna Manfredine is the author of 9, non-fiction, Christian books (and is still writing more). She is a committed Christian who encourages and inspires others to have a real and personal walk with God. Her messages and teaching transcends denominational boundaries, encouraging Christians of all walks and faiths. 

Shauna Manfredine is the sole instructor of Shauna Manfredine's Online Academy. She is a gifted and caring teacher who has been teaching Junior High and High School since 1996, in both private schools, home-school co-op schools, and online.

In her courses, not only does Mrs. Manfredine use excellent, books and materials with a Biblical World-view (largely from Alpha-Omega Publications), she also uses "involvement-style" instruction, which captures her students' interest and deepens their learning.

Meet the Instructor:

Shauna Manfredine

​"Tell me and I forget.

show me and I remember.

INVOLVE ME and I understand."

- author unknown