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Note: Because of the diversity of grade-levels between the students enrolled in this class, this course will be taught in a one-room-school-style format. Group instruction will be given to all students. Additionally, class instruction will be given to students in turn, as needed. This is a scholastic blessing as lower grade level students are exposed to the principles of higher grade levels. And higher grade level students gain a good review of principles taught in lower grade levels. Studies have shown that students in a one-room-school-style environment actually learn more than students exposed only to their own grade-level instruction.

Sewing Course: (Meets Thursdays from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.)In this course, students will be making some simple sewing projects (including a beautiful quilt). Students will all need to have a sewing machine for this class. Parents will need to make some purchases (as needed) throughout the school year of the following: fabrics, threads, various sewing supplies. These sewing supplies are not covered in the course materials fee. In addition, there are two required workbooks per student (which are included in the materials fee for this course). Naturally, students will also need to have their own working sewing machine (nothing too fancy, as course instruction does not include "tech support" on how to use a complicated sewing machine).

The following are a few of the things which will be taught in this course:

  • The Clothes You Wear: principles of godly fashion vs. worldly, design and appearance, textiles and fabrics, proper care of clothes…
  • The Clothes You Sew: sewing equipment and safety, basic sewing, selecting patterns and fabrics, layout, cutting, making and pressing, sewing project.
  • ​Largely, this is a lab-style course, where the class time will be used in actual sewing. Instruction will be provided in the first 30 minutes of class.

    Materials cost for this course: $30.00 (this one-time fee is due upon registration). This materials fee covers all the workbooks, handouts, and tests & quizzes for the course of the year. The materials fee does not cover the cost of fabrics, thread, and sewing supplies, which will be needed throughout the course. Parents will be given a list of needed materials for purchase prior to the start of each sewing project.

Sewing Course: Home arts 

(for Grades 6-12)

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