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- Everett Grant, Christian Elder and Witness/Fellow Survivor of this Story

- Claire Power Murphy, US Humanitarian Ambassador and Author of Preserved to Serve

- Sue Mocker, Author of The Hope Factor

- Patrick Snow, International Best-selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

Praise for Escaping From the Dragon's Jaws

- Tasha Miller, Christian Wife, Mother of 6 and Canadian Photographer

“Shauna is a strong woman of the Lord, yet through deceptive infiltration, she fell under demonic influence, nearly causing her family and ministry to be destroyed. In a self-sacrificing, down-to-earth manner, Shauna records how a spiritual leader can be ruined. But God rescued her and inspired her to write Escaping From the Dragon's Jaws to educate and forewarn. This powerful book is a must-read for all professing Christians.”

“This book is an inspiring read, giving hope and a clear pathway to healing that is bravely told and powerfully needed in today's world. I highly recommend this book to every Christian family who is overwhelmed and
bombarded with negative energy.”


“Satan works with overpowering subtlety. Every Christian needs to be armed with the tools laid out in this well-written portrayal of  the spiritual battle for a soul, family, ministry and community.”

“Protecting your family from spiritual darkness is vitally important. This book will help you accomplish that goal. It contains powerful tools you need to guide your family in healthy, Scripture-based faith, avoiding the destructive pitfalls of toxic thinking and spiritual deception.”

“This book is not about stirring a cauldron of chicken’s bones and “eye of newt”! This book is about the very real, but hidden dangers that are threatening Christian lives right now. In fact, reading this book may save your life.”